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    Hello my dear friends!

    I am very happy to present you the next steps of

    My friend Klaus (he is “my IT man”) teamed up with me to leave the text-only-deal-tables and some quirky features behind. We started to convert my deals to a more user friendly and community oriented version.

    The Blog will from now on feature the reviews, previews, common information and groupbuys.
    Maybe we can also add a section for more User2User interaction one day…

    I also wanted to allow the community to contribute and add deals they find worthy to be shared in an easy way.
    May it be a shop in China, your regional Amazon or your local dealer that has a good offer – let us know their deals!
    Everyone has unique needs and we want to find the best solution together with your contribution. The more sources we can collect, the bigger is the benefit for the community to compare options and choose their perfect fit.

    We are not limited to flashlights only – all of us need more than lights 🙂
    We start with a few categories, but as this project grows we plan also to extend our offers.

    What can you do on M4D M4X deals?

    • Find new Deals and sales
      Just scroll down to see what has been posted lately, choose a category or filter deals.
    • Use the search field
      Type whatever you are looking for into the search fields
      “AA” or “EDC” or “XHP” or the model-/brand-/shopname.
      If that string is mentioned somewhere, it will be shown in a preview
      -> hit ENTER to get a result page with more info (shop, votes, etc).
    • USE the deals
      Something got your attention? Just click on the code field to copy it.
      Click on “BUY IT NOW” button to be directed to the deal;
      there you can put the item in the cart and enter your coupon code if there is one available to get the discount.
    • JOIN the Community
      Simply register by using your facebook or google account
      (you can change the user name in your profile)
      or signup with username / email.
    • VOTE the deals
      You like a deal? Give it a thumbs up to make it HOT
      that way it gets featured and other people can benefit from your verdict.
      Something is wrong? Click the “Report” button and let us know.
    • Comment and Share your personal experience
      Maybe you own that item, or have been dealing with that shop before?
      Help others to decide if a listing is good for them too.
    • Add a deal
      -Enter a nice title, write a short description and paste the link to the item.
      (the better you describe it, the easier is it for others to find it)
      -Choose a picture from the parsed selection or upload one.
      -Enter the deal price (and if you have the old price that gives a nice comparison)
      -Add the coupon code or leave it empty
      -Expiration date, Store and Category help others to find your submission
      -Click the checkboxes (sorry for that)
      -Aaand hit submit!
      We will verify if your submission does not break any rules and publish it asap.
    • Your work will not stay unnoticed!
      The more you contribute the more reactions you will get.
      We plan to reward active members with activities like giveaways, special deals or early access to limited items.
    • You also are an Affiliate?
      We want to honor your contribution to our page by sharing the traffic generated by your links with you.
      Ask us how!
    • You are a shop representative?
      Please contact us about the possibility to get a “commercial” account, so you can post a selection of your offers.

    This project is a work in progress!
    We need your feedback to tweak and finetune it and add all the missing features when needed.
    That way we hope to save you from bad decissions and boring “addons”

    M4D M4X
    1. Nice work Martin. 🙂


    2. This sounds really good Great job Martin on this next step

    3. You should verify the old codes. Most of them are deactivated.

      • Servus!

        Die alte Liste wird nicht mehr gepflegt!

        und hier gibt es den Report Button wenn was nicht mehr geht
        dadurch seh ich dass Interesse besteht an einem alten Deal (die ja nichgt ewig laufen können) und kann mich um einen neuen bemühen.
        Würde ich die einfach Löschen wüssen die Leute gar nicht welcher Preis schon mal drin war …

        oder denk ich da falsch?


    4. Martin you had an excellent idea!!!very well, so it will be easier to have information on the promotions proposed by you… I wish you much success!!!

    5. New registration required … ?

    6. Only amazon deals? No more banggod?

    7. A Big step forward, Informative, nice and tidy. I do like it!

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