Convoy M21C XHP70.2 4000LM Powerful 21700 LED Flashlight,3000/4000/5000/6500K,Temperature Control


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    Convoy M21C
    XHP70.2 4000LM 21700 LED Flashlight,
    3000/4000/5000/6500K,Temperature Control 

    Material:                                         Aluminum alloy

    Shell:                                                Black / titanium / sand

    Low voltage warning:                     Yes

    Reverse polarity protection:          Yes

    Lens type:                                        Double-sided coated lens

    Reflector:                                         Glossy Cup

    Switch position:                               Tail press

    Pattern memory:                             Yes

    Tailstand:                                          Yes

    Battery type:                                    21700 battery (not included)

    Head diameter:                                55mm

    Battery compartment diameter:    33.5mm

    Flashlight length:                             155mm

    Weight:                                             266g


    4 modes 1% -10% -40% -100%, maximum output 4800mA, internal temperature protection management, automatic current reduction at 55 degrees.

    The drive has a mode memory function. The flashlight has a temperature protection function. If the flashlight is overheated, the driver will reduce the output current.

    Package included:
    1 x Flashlight

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