TANK007 M30B 1000LM USB


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    TANK007 M30B
    1000LM USB Rechargeable 18650 LED Flashlight Tail Magnetic Outdoor Hunting Mini Torch


    1. M30B is a direct charge type front switch magnetic-absorbing work flashlight specially designed for various job sites, and is the first choice for maintenance and fixed lighting

    2. Using Luminus lamp beads, the brightness is up to 1000 lumens

    3. Constant brightness, no stroboscopic circuit design: eye protection is not easy to cause visual fatigue, and it is more suitable for fine work occasions, which can effectively reduce the accident rate

    4. The circuit is equipped with battery reverse connection protection. Effectively prevent the destruction of the battery against the circuit

    5. There is a special powerful magnet on the tail, which can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of iron metal, or it can be removed to convert to a non-magnetic state.

    Package included:

    1 x TANK007 M30B Flashlight

    1 x Waterproof Ring

    1 x Clip

    M4D M4X
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